So here's where I'm supposed to tell you I have outrageous gear and studio facilities. Truth is, I have a home studio with a custom built vocal booth and it sounds real good in here.  I love my mic, and record clean into my computer via an M-Track box,  that feeds my Mac.  I also use Skype and Source Connect Now to listen in on directed sessions.

I can even add sound effects, like kids jumping on the ceiling above my head while I'm recording.  I LOVE that effect.  Or my dog yawning and smacking her lips while in the middle of a soft passage.  She likes to hang out when I record . . . and then usually right during a great read or while recording my podcast, she starts whining that she wants out. Since I built my booth though, that sound effects package has been eliminated from my offering.


Below, the equipment I use, which for the most part matters only to other guys in the business, so for them, here's what I use.  Plus, it was part of the template for this website, so I used it.  It was free!

Thats not me or my studio. Looks cool though!

I use only the best tape

I wish I had a band and ... a female lead vocalist



I use Source Connnect, Skype, Bodalgo call (like ISDN) and record in Logic Pro X and I can export into any file you need.  And I do have an old Otari reel to reel, I never use it, but I have it.  Old radio station keepsake

I use an Alto Professional ZMX 862, primarily for my podcasting purposes
I use an MXL built VO:1-A, it has the same specs as mics worth thousands of dollars just like a Neumann U 87.  It's the best one I've owned, and a modded MXL mic that sounds like a Neumann U 47. I also have a classic RCA 44 C Ribbon Mic . Great for doing retro work or micing an acoustic guitar or a symphony . . .which I've never done, but I hear it works wonders.  I did use it to record my Dad and his brother on a CD I made for them where they played acoustic guitar and fiddle and sang all at once.  
I have no idea what this means.  But I liked the icon knob and it moves and stuff. Maybe it's something to do with my podcast  mixer and M-Audio interfaces I use. I have a guitar amp!
Mackie MR5 mk3 speakers, and Sony MDR V-600 studio headphones, and sometimes when I'm taking phone direction, I will put my Apple ear buds inside my headphone so I'll be wearing two pairs at once!  That's just how I roll.
Mac, is there any other kind?
I have some guitars, two electric, two acoustic one of which is a 12 string donated to me by a friend who left for Finland and didn't want to pay to move two guitars.  I don't use them for voiceover and has nothing to do with demos, but this was a cool title on this template page, I like instruments, and I didn't want to delete it. There are some songs I recorded in my studio on guitar, and some of those can be found on my MY TUNEs page.
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