I even host marching Band events

October 30, 2015

My daughter is in her first year marching band, it also may be her last due to a teacher conflict that has pretty much upset the entire band.  She's been playing sax since grade school and took up marching band at her older brothers insistence (as well as the sax).  Actually he just said "it's a lot of fun."  Well, different teacher then.  And it was fun.  He's in college now and he's a little pissed off.  Another story, another time. 


Well, recently her school was the host for a marching band competition and for the second year I was asked to be the emcee for the event.  I would've done it for free just because my daughter is in it.  It's pretty much an all day event, but they offered to pay for my services, which I gratefully accepted.  


The day or so before, by brain kicked into gear thinking about the event, and I was suddenly awash with ideas as to how I could make it more fun.  Then came this, which I announced right before my daughters school performed.  Every time I see one of the band members and she introduces me, I get "that was so funny."  So here is what I said:


"There are some upcoming changes I have proposed for next years competition. If a marching band that is sitting in the audience determines that the performance of the band thats in the field is going to obtain too high of a score, they are allowed to bum rush the field for 15 seconds and take out as many of the performers as they deem necessary to lower their score. Tuba players are considered exempt as they're not as agile. Also no one is allowed to touch the colorguard."


I'll be back next year.  They've already asked.  

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