Want to get ahold of me?  Hit the box below and through the magic of the interwebs, we'll be talkin

This studio is working all hours of the day and night just to keep up with the demands of the voice over projects and podcasting shows hosted by Glennboy

You're welcome to use my private airstrip for an in person recording session . . .if you can find it. I call it Area 52.
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Demo's are free!!!
When I record for a client . . .

I make every attempt before hand to ensure I have the style of the read correctly, and I will do two re-takes for pronunciation, pacing or if I got the style of the read wrong, otherwise re-takes are at the regular rate. Discounted rates are available for partial re-reads on script changes.  And if you make me read it too many times, I'll charge you double.


Fill out the contact form & we’ll get you rolling, down a hill somewhere.  I know some guys.

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